The Suffolk Group
Broken Arrows - Jazz Green

Broken Arrows - 2017

Broken Arrows - Cake Street

Cake Street - 2017

Woodshed - Jazz Green

Woodshed - 2017

Castles and Caravans - Jazz Green

Castles and Caravans - 2016

Green Garden - Jazz Green

Green Garden - 2016

Little House - Jazz Green

Little House - 2015

Jazz Green

Jazz Green studied at UCA Farnham and The Royal College of Art. She moved to Suffolk in 1993, putting on her first solo exhibition, 'Vincent to Vivaldi’, in the stable barn of the Lowhouse Inn in Laxfield, Suffolk. Having specialised in printmaking at art school, she now works in mixed media, painting and collage.

Her work is predominantly abstract and experimental, concerned with ideas and themes of frugality and survival, but is also influenced by the local vernacular agricultural architecture and other rural scenes in passing.