The Suffolk Group
Broken Bricks - Jazz Green

Broken Bricks - 50cm x 50xm

Nightscape - Jazz Green

Nightscape - 60cm x 60cm

Black Sea - Jazz Green

Black Sea - 30cm x 30cm

Green Sea - Jazz Green

Green Sea - 30cm x 30cm

Greenland II - Jazz Green

Greenland II - 15cm x 15cm

Jazz Green

My canvas paintings are minimalist evocations, exploring subtleties of colour & texture to convey feeling, mood & emotion. I am interested in the abstract sensory dimensions of places & experiences, & the philosophy of isolation, transience, imperfection, decline and decay.

I studied BA (Hons.) Fine Art at Farnham (University College of Creative Arts) and an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at The Royal College of Art in London. I am a contemporary artist based in rural Suffolk on the east coast of England.